Image of vegetables and fruit

With food prices soaring and food miles a hot topic, it makes sense to grow your own vegetables these days, with mental and physical well-being just some of the many benefits of growing your own. 

Here at Fired Up Fire Pits we are passionate about growing our own and using the leftover wood ash from our fires to help boost the health of our soil.

We’re careful when handling the wood ash though by wearing gloves and goggles, we simply mix a little ash into our soil which helps our carrots, beans, peas, tomatoes and parsnips to grow bigger and stronger. The wood ash contains potassium which helps the plants become drought tolerant and resist frost and improves general plant health.

Providing that the pH of your soil is 7.5 or less and that you’re not growing potatoes or blueberries you’re fine to add a little dusting every now and then. You may want to keep an eye on the pH of your soil, just to keep it in check.

As well as this, wood ash will keep slugs and snails away from your vegetables and you can even add a thin layer to your compost heap.

Wood ash can also be used to clean glass and numerous other applications around the home, you can even make soap with it but we haven’t tried that yet!

What’s not to like?