Friends around fire pit playing guitar and smiling

Portable Fire Pit

From £125

Fire pit with words "watching flickering flames relieves stress and reinforces the bonds between friends"

Our ‘Flickering Flames’ model is just £145

How to move fire pit - Lift under opposite lugs to move when cold

Lift under opposite lugs to move when cold

Studies at the University of Alabama have proved that watching flickering flames relieves stress, reinforces the bonds between friends and can even lower your blood pressure! So share stories, laugh out loud, relax and unwind around one of our fire pits. Simply slot the flat sides together, push the base plate into position to secure and you’re ready to go. For those who love to cook al fresco, use the stainless steel grill supplied and turn your fire pit into a barbeque and wow your friends.

Better still when those flames illuminate something personal to you and tell your story. We offer you the ability to have your story lit up in lights! Laser cut into the side of your custom fire pit, providing a truly unique experience for your friends and family to share. Each of our fire pits are individually and professionally designed, made proudly with love in South Wales, laser cut for precision from mild steel and sent all over the mainland UK.

Our unique fire pits offer an excellent heat source, creating the perfect centrepiece for friends and family to gather around. Your fire pit can be fuelled with either driftwood, timber or charcoal, so spark up, sit down, share stories, laugh out loud, relax and unwind for a memorable and fun experience.



  • Fully Portable – supplied with a FREE black cotton tote bag with our ‘Fired Up’ logo on it; perfect for taking with you and then for convenient clean storage until your next adventure.
  • Perforated base plate with finger hole – Allows for better air circulation around the fuel for ease of lighting and a longer, more sustained burn. When you’re done, the fire has gone out and your fire pit is cold, simply tip up the base plate over a bin and the ash falls out. Where possible please take all your rubbish home with you to dispose of properly.
  • Interlocking Mild Steel Construction – We use laser-cut 2mm thick mild steel sheets for their strength and heat resistance to maintain their shape. It’s designed to stand the test of time and oxidise with age, developing a wonderfully rusty patina which only adds to its charm.
  • Easy to Assemble and Dis-assemble – Our design uses no fixings, the sides simply slot together and when the base plate is pushed into place the fire pit becomes incredibly rigid and stable. We recommend lifting the assembled fire pit under opposite top lugs to move it when cold. Disassembly is just as easy, pack it flat, back into its tote bag and it’s ready for your next adventure.

Approximate Dimensions

Assembled Stored flat / Delivered

W : 280mm, 11 inch W : 340mm, 13 Inch
D : 280mm, 11 inch D : 340mm, 13 Inch
H : 300mm, 12 inch H : 40mm, 1 Inch

Consisting of 4 interlocking steel sides, 1 steel base plate, 1 stainless steel grill and a free tote bag for ultimate portability.

Finished height is 300mm and in total weighs less than 5kg, folding completely flat for storage when not in use.

Each portable fire pit comes with a free tote bag for ease of carrying

Free cotton tote bag with the portable 36cm tall version so you can take it out and about with you on your adventures.

Fire pit with Wales and welsh dragon on tied up for postage

All 4 sides, the base and the Stainless Steel BBQ grill top all fold flat for ease of transport and storage when not in use.