Our Story

It has long been a dream of mine to be my own boss and run my own business. For the past 16 years I was employed full time as an Interior Designer after studying Interior Architecture at the age of 30, before that I worked at various roles in various hotels around the World but my passion has always been design.

Back in March 2020 like many others in the UK I was put on the Furlough scheme and sat at home wondering what to do with myself. After finishing all the work needed in our garden and having thought long and hard about my future I came up with the idea of fire pits when thinking of what was needed as a focal point in our own garden to finish it off. I wanted something personal to us with our names on it and a pattern designed by myself; the idea was born.

At Fired Up Fire Pits I’m working with an established local metalwork supplier with whom I already have a good working relationship carried over from my previous role as an interior designer. Our fire pits are each as unique as our customers, designed for and by each one or you can choose one from an extensive list of off the shelf designs. All of our designs come alive when backlit by flames and provide a unique focal and talking point.


My experience from the start has been fantastic.

Fired up Fire Pits are both friendly and professional.

I had a total custom design done as a very special gift.

The communication, quality of work and attention to detail was beyond any of my expectations.

If you want a quality small packing for camping firepit….this is where to get one.