Image is of black background with back of man wearing red boxer shorts and words My Lucky Red Pats

A little-known fact about me that should make you laugh: On market days when I’m stood out in all weathers chatting to my customers whilst on my stall, I wear my lucky red pants for good luck! And so far, it’s been working!

It started off quite by chance, then after the first few times when I’d had a few good sales it became a habit as I was getting dressed, (often in the dark as my partner would be sleeping) having put my clothes ready the night before, to now, when I’m afraid not to wear them as they definitely bring me good luck, call me superstitious and they boost my confidence too which can’t be a bad thing. So yes, from now on if you see me on my stall you’ll know why I’m smiling and what’s bringing me luck.

Fire Pits are perfect for Autumnal evenings

This time of year, fire pits come into their own, warming up those clear but chilly, crisp autumnal evenings creating a cozy atmosphere and providing a great focal point for outdoor gatherings and can be used to feed everyone too, what’s not to like?! With 25 or more of our own designs to choose from or made-to-order custom designs, make the most of these last few weeks of 2023 where outdoor life can still be enjoyed without seeing your breath and place your order now.

An update from our Founder

From now on our customers will be able to choose FOUR different designs to create their fire pit and enjoy a different design four nights in a row whereas previously we only allowed two designs to be mixed. This decision was taken due to high demand for one of each of our top four designs. We are a victim of our own success but are delighted that our customers love our own designs so much that they can’t bear to only have two!

While we’re working on the option for 4 different sides to become live on our website, please call David on 07870728675 to go through your requirements.