March madness, the rush for Spring beings - blog post - image of Fired Up Fire Pits stand setup in National Outdoor Expo in NEC

March turned out to be super busy for us for various reasons, find out why below…

We did a wonderful local event at Treorchy Boys & Girls Club where we met Mary from Rhondda in the Woods who ordered a large fire pit from us.

The National Outdoor Expo at the NEC in Birmingham was a recent highlight for us as we’ve never exhibited at such a large venue before and had a steep learning curve to climb. Firstly the floor space we were allocated as last minute exhibitor was basically all that was left, a 3x1m space, take it or leave it. We jumped at the opportunity and quickly realised that we needed a new format for our usual 3x3m stall to make it fit the much smaller space.

I called upon my previous experience as a retail designer and really thought about how I could display my fire pits to the best effect and as many as possible in the smaller space than I was used to.

The answer was to think of my fire pit sides as magazines and I designed four shelf racks to display them face-on. I decided that they would look best lit from behind so I designed the two 1m wide units so that I could light them from behind and had an oversize image of flames printed onto 5mm thick polycarbonate which would let light through to show off all the various different designs.

You can decide for yourself how effective they were at showcasing our 26 different designs but visitors on the day were mesmerised.

Image of Fired Up Fire Pits stand at National Outdoor Expo NEC March 2024

Crackling Fire Sounds

I had one extra trick up my sleeve, I hid my iPad in the large fire pit on the floor which I had filled with logs, flickering led lights and imitation BBQ food on top and set it to play crackling fire sounds which got everyone’s attention as they walked past. We made quite a few new interesting contacts which we hope will translate into lasting ongoing business relationships but we will share more news on this as they develop.

In other news…

We’ve secured a stall at the National Eisteddfod for the first week in August later in the year which is at Pontypridd this year, so just on our doorstep and we thought it rude not to! We’re taking suggestions at the moment for Welsh language sayings that would look good on the side of one of our fire pits, so please let us know asap if you can think of any, they would be greatly appreciated!

We’re also getting ready for our upcoming Bushcraft Show at the beginning of May and are designing a few new ‘Overland and 4×4’ designs for that as well.

Watch this space for our next adventures which may surprise you!

Best Wishes,