Friends of Fired Up Fire Pits - Tree of life firepit
The Clever Baggers logo -

All of our portable fire pits fold flat and are sold with a free cotton “over the shoulder” tote bag

When choosing a bag supplier, we wanted a local company that could supply great quality, sustainable cotton bags at low prices, which could also be branded with our ‘Fired Up’ logo. The bags had to be strong enough to carry the metal parts once folded flat and look good once purchased over the proud new owner’s shoulder, whether at the beach, at a festival or at a craft market.

The Clever Baggers fitted the bill in so many ways that we are pleased and proud to be able to include them in our ‘Friends of Fired Up Fire Pits’ and can not recommend them highly enough, whether it’s from their willingness to listen to our needs and deliver ahead of schedule, or to their openness and consistency, we know we can rely on them.