Frequently asked questions about our fire pits

Will it blow over in the wind?

No, at 4.5kg it’s too heavy for that but we strongly advise not to use your fire pit in windy conditions due to the risk of flying sparks or ash.

Can I cook food on it?

Yes absolutely, we supply each fire pit with a stainless steel grill which is perfect for grilling when combined with a little charcoal.

Will it rust?

Yes, it’s designed to become rusty with age but this will not affect its structural integrity and will only add to its beauty when lit.

Can I upload images of the fire pit I bought from you to your website?

Yes, we love to see our fire pits being used and lighting up your faces.

Will it warp?

Not structurally no, but it depends on which design you’ve chosen. If there are lots of small intricate parts they may bend inwards very slightly towards the heat but these parts can easily be bent back into position if needed.

What if I burn myself / someone?

You will have read the safety guidelines we included with your fire pit and have your first aid kit to hand for just such an emergency. We ask that you please be careful and use common sense when the fire pit is lit.

I've broken or lost a piece, can I get a replacement part?

The metal is highly unlikely to break but if you do manage that or have lost a piece, yes we can send out any spare parts you may need but these will be chargeable.

I ordered a fire pit a few years ago, can I re-order another today?

Yes, we keep records of all designs and are able to reproduce them again if necessary.

Can you use copyrighted designs?

Yes if you have obtained permission from the owner, otherwise no, we can’t sorry so please don’t ask us to.

Is it made in the UK?

Yes, all our fire pits are proudly made in Bridgend, South Wales.

I've split up with my partner but their name is on two of the sides can you do anything about that?

Yes, we can send out new sides with new names or whatever you want but these are then obviously chargeable.

When its come to the end of its life, what do I do with it?

You can simply dismantle it and put it in with your household recycling or use it as a planter or come up with something equally creative, a light perhaps?

How long does it take to cool down?

This depends on what fuel you’ve used. Wood takes around an hour but charcoal will take a little longer. Ideally, we recommend leaving it overnight or dousing it with water until cold.

Can I use firelighters?

No, we would not recommend the use of any such accelerants in our fire pits.

What is the best way to build a fire?

We recommend just a few small pieces of ripped cardboard or scrunched-up newspaper with kindling on top then logs on top of that to really get it going light from the bottom in a few different places and stand back.

How will it arrive when delivered?

The fire pit components all fold flat and are packaged in reused cardboard. The finished parcel size is around 35cm x 35cm x 4cm thick.

Can I leave it outside all year round?

Yes, however, we suggest you don’t put it on your best patio as some staining from the rust may occur if kept in the same place for too long. As it folds flat, we suggest that you pop it into your garden shed or garage during bad weather.