Fired up fire pits safety dimensions

Please follow the below fire pit safety guidance to ensure that your fire pit evenings are as enjoyable and as safe as they possibly can be.

  • All of our fire pits are designed for outdoor use only
  • Never leave children or pets unsupervised with a lit fire pit and do not allow them to play with or climb on the fire pit; it is not a toy
  • Do not stand too close to a lit fire pit and do not attempt to remove the grill when in use
  • Assemble in accordance with the attached instructions but please be careful as some parts of the laser-cut design may be sharp. Please refer to ‘diagram A’ in image below
  • Once assembled and cold, in order to move the fire pit please lift from underneath the uppermost lugs, diagonally opposite each other. Please refer to ‘diagram B’ in image below
  • Only move or disassemble the fire pit when cold
  • Never use the 30cm tall fire pit model on campsite grass. We sell a long-leg version which has much taller legs and won’t scorch the grass. Always seek permission from the land owner before starting a fire
  • Always place your fire pit on a flat level stable surface, preferably up on some loose bricks or on a spare patio slab. Also, note that the rust finish which will develop over time may cause staining to surfaces if left in the same spot for a period of time, however, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused to patios, decking or other surfaces
  • Always stay a safe distance away from the fire pit in order to avoid any sparks or ash which may blow out of the fire pit when in use
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit handy in case of an emergency
  • Put the fire out completely if possible by dousing it with water before leaving the fire pit unattended
  • Do not light a fire in windy conditions as sparks can cause uncontrolled fires to start
  • If lighting your fire pit in a back garden please be respectful of your neighbours if they have washing out to dry or windows open. Maybe you could forewarn them in advance
  • Do not use your fire pit if local by-laws prohibit their use. Always check if you are unsure
  • Do not light your fire pit next to a building, fence or boundary wall
  • Do not allow smoke from your fire pit to drift over public roads where it could impede visibility and cause a nuisance
  • Do not burn anything that generates dangerous fumes, like plastic, flammable liquids, paint or oil, or any container that may have contained these chemicals. Keep any flammable objects a safe distance away from the fire pit
  • Always clean up after yourself and take any rubbish home with you to recycle
Fired up fire pits assembly instructions
Fired up fire pits - patina develops after one winter outdoors