Dubbed Out Festival 2023 Thurs 27th-Sunday 30th July - The Royal Cheshire Showground

For the longest time I’ve seen these snazzy little Dubbed Out Community stickers zoom past me usually on the back end of some pretty nice campervans and wondered what they were all about.

As I became more camper-savvy and took more interest in other people’s vans and then when I started Fired Up Fire Pits and delved deeper I realised what they were!

I had a phone call from someone claiming to be from the ‘Dubbed out Community’ asking if I would be interested in using their logo on my fire pits and in the beginning, I was quite dismissive not realising what a great opportunity it would be. Then, quite a few months later I spoke to Neil who had a lovely relaxed chat with me and we struck up a deal. I was thrilled to be given sole rights to produce his DoC logo on my fire pits and we agreed to advertise each other’s businesses as much as possible.

So for the first time this year, we will be trading at the Dubbed Out Festival near Manchester and we are chomping at the bit for it….’let’s av it!!!’ 😂

You can pre-order your DoC fire pit ready for collection at the festival and you can mix and match it with one of our 25 designs or have a custom one made if you’re quick as these take two to three weeks to be made.

Catch us at the Dubbed Out Festival from 27th – 30th July


Bring your glow sticks!!